Knock off wood art, take 2 Knock off wood art, take 2

Hello there! First of all, thank you all for the suggestions on the kitchen post last week – I’m still reading through all of them but have...

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9:41 AM


En pleno parque natural de las Salinas en Ibiza nos hemos encontrado esta casa familiar en la que que se ha puesto mucho énfasis en el aprov...

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12:22 AM

Family getaway Family getaway

Hello my friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend! We were away with family this weekend and it was wonderful. One weekend a year my entir...

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8:27 AM

Kitchen table: to move or not to? Kitchen table: to move or not to?

Hello and happy Friday to you! Ya-yah. I need your help today! I mentioned earlier this week that I was able to start rearranging the fur...

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5:15 AM


Muy, muy fresco nos llega el nuevo Singulares Magazine #12 . Para ayudarnos a soportar mejor los rigores del calor estival y hacernos disfru...

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12:32 AM

Family room – almost there! Family room – almost there!

Well hey there! We’re heading into week four of our family room renovation and I wanted to give you my weekly update. First of all – the who...

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6:39 AM