Hello all and happy, beautiful Friday to you! It is a lovely day here today, although we may get some rain later. For now I’m enjoying it!

I’m back with another House Happy post, where I recap some of my favorite photos from around the house, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram over the past few weeks.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here so I’m perfectly content to just chill at home this weekend, enjoying the house and our yard.

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year around here, because my azaleas were blooming:


They only have blooms for a few days, but it is FANTASTIC when they do. Long time readers may notice the window boxes are gone – I took them down this week because they were literally falling apart. (Figured I’d spare the neighbors that much longer.)

I’m planning to make more soon, but while the azaleas are blooming it’s kind of nice to just let them shine. ;)

Because I may or may not have backed over a bike with my SUV a few weeks ago, we were in a local bike shop getting a new tire when I fell in love with these bright bicycles:

bright bicycles

I WANT!! All I would need is a basket and a bell!

I pinned these Ball jars (from HGTV.com) the other day because I loved the idea to paint them metallic:

metallic mason jars

I’ve painted some of my mason jars but never thought to do a shiny metallic like this. Wouldn’t that be so pretty for a wedding or shower this summer? LOVE!

Remember the super easy pineapple cake I told you about? Well many of you said you’ve made it with other fruit fillings as well, so I tried the cherry version:

cherry angel food cake dessert

And it was REALLY good too! I think I still prefer the pineapple, but both are yummy. I’m going to try strawberries too. :)

It was a thrill when I got the Ballard Designs catalog a few weeks ago and saw this shot:

photo 4

I was there to see this photo shoot in action and it was a BLAST! I still need to tell you all about that trip. It was surreal to see that same space in the catalog!

I love finding my boy sitting at the new kitchen table:

DIY farmhouse table

We have so much more space on there now, I absolutely love this table! I was a little careful with it at first, but I’ve found the top holds up GREAT. No worries anymore. :)

I had a video shoot with Home Depot this week, so I’ve been working like a mad woman to get the patio ready for it. I took a minute to sit down and enjoy it last week:

patio with fireplace

Facebook folks were loving the pillow – isn’t it awesome?? I found it at Home Depot and it works perfectly with the colors on our patio!

The good thing about having to have everything prepped for the shoot was that most of the outside is ready for us to enjoy for the season. I cleaned my house really well too, but I don’t think anyone noticed by the time the crew set up:

photo 2

It was CRAZY! A really fun experience, I’ll tell you more about it next week!

I shared this one on Facebook too, perfect for Mother’s Day:

Mother's Day cartoon

So worth it and so true! :)

Have you seen the new Threshold items for summer at Target? I’m obsessed with the whole line. I thought this shadowbox art was so pretty:

target shell art

And I took a pic because I have all of the pieces to make this at home – a shadowbox, burlap and shells. I’m going to try it!

I pinned this pretty purple plant from bhg.com – it’s called a Oxalis purple clover I believe?:

Oxalis purple clover

Holy canoly, that would look so amazing on the patio!! Anyone have one? Are they a shade plant or full sun? I’m going to try to find one today. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Anything fun planned? We have baseball and stuff at hubby’s school, and of course cheering on our Pacers!!