Hello all! Hope you had a fantastic week and have an even better weekend planned. I’m looking forward to some time with some girlfriends and perhaps some pumpkin picking? The weather is supposed to be fabulous.

Why do I always talk about the weather? I don’t know. It’s my thing.

Anyway, today I had to show off some of the LOVELY family room spaces you all linked up last month at the August Show Us Your House party. I looove family rooms. LOVE. them. It’s all about cozy and comfy for me and I so enjoyed looking through these spaces.

Let’s kick it off with KariAnne’s spectacular DIY chalk board made from an old window:

chalkboard from old window

Isn’t that amazing? SO cool. And you’ll just die when you see what they did with extra panes from the window. Brilliant. Doing it. Someday.

I love the warm stone around Kelly’s fireplace, mixed with the bold striped drapes:

striped drapes

When I saw the close up shot of her mantel, I thought it was an inspiration shot from a magazine, no lie.

OK, I am drooling over Sita’s beautiful white molding wall in her family room:

white paneled wall molding

Her pillows and fireplace and sofas and rug and lamps don’t hurt anything either. ;)

I’m digging the mid-century modern feel of Kelly’s family room:

gray and yellow family room

I am drawn to this look for our basement – love it. All of the white accessories in the shelves make a beautiful statement too.

I think I’ve shown you Kelly’s (yes, that would be three Kelly’s this time. Kelly’s must just have pretty family rooms in general.) space before, but for some reason I don't remember this gorgeous console:

red console

Oh my, that is just a fantastic piece. I love looking at her space – SO many cool touches in this room.

Kristen’s mantel full of candles shows the power of simple pieces in numbers:

rustic fireplace

Don’t you just want to curl up on one of those chairs with a throw in front of the fire? Kristen, we’ll be right over. ;)

I really loved all of the COLOR I saw all over the place, and I was especially swooning over Erin’s ottoman in her family room:

colorful ottoman

I LOVE that print. What a great statement – check out the whole space here!

As always it was hard for me to pick just a few rooms to highlight. I love this series and getting a chance to peek into your homes!!

Have a GREAT weekend and stay safe! See ya Monday!