So, here’s the thing -- I don’t do resolutions. Don’t think I’ve ever made one. I just think they set you up for weird pressure and then so often disappointment. If I want to do something to better myself or change how I behave, I just do it. If I’m serious enough about it, I succeed. If not, well, then I don’t beat myself up.

I’m also not a big goal person. Like, I don’t have a bucket list. I love life and and try to live it to the fullest every day. I’m not an unmotivated person, I’m just motivated by my to do list…now lists I do. Lists are lovely little things – you can see your progress with that wonderful line through the item. (I’ve been known to write something down that I accomplished just so I could cross it out.)

I’m not a goal person or a resolution person, but I do like to get ‘er DONE. Yeah, I just went there.

So I don’t have resolutions – I just have “Things I’d like to try to get done in 2013 if I can possibly make the time.” Low pressure, right?

So here’s my things I’d like to kind of try to get accomplished this year LIST:

1. Finish the dang bathrooms for goodness sakes.

GoodNESS. It’s getting to the ridiculous stage at this point. There are two undone bathrooms in our house – one functions, the other doesn’t. The powder room, that was chocolate brown for years:

chocolate powder room

Soon turned a light blue/grey:

blue powder room

But if you look close you can tell it’s just one coat. And then I decided to move a new plan all together (seven months ago) – and that’s where it stalled out again.

I have made some progress…but that only made it this far:

wood treatment on wall

It doesn’t look like much now, but it will, I swear. I just need to GET IT DONE. Thing is, this little room is getting a lot of changes, and I need to coordinate this redo with the other bathroom that needs to be finished – the basement bathroom:

basement bathroom

The vanity from the upstairs powder room will go down here, so I need to kind of time that just right (and a few other things like flooring) so that we can still use at least one of them.

The first step for that basement bathroom? Heated floors under the tile – it is COLD on those tile floors. I’m stalled out on this space while I figure that out.

2. Paint the family room/kitchen walls and ceiling.

The color of this space is called Sisal – I get asked about it a TON:

fall mantel decorating

It was a Ralph Lauren color that I had mixed into Behr paint at Home Depot. HD doesn’t carry the RL line anymore, but I hear they can still look up this color formula.

Sisal is a GREAT neutral – I love it! I’m just ready for a change. I painted these walls the evening we closed on the house nearly nine years ago. And the ceiling went the same color (in a flat sheen) a few years later. This part of the house always feels dark to me, so I’m trying to lighten in up in here. I already have the ceiling paint, just trying to psych myself up for that job. (HELLO shoulder massage!)

3. Built ins everywhere!!

I have grand plans to put them in the mud room, craft room and Bub’s room. The mud room may not happen this year, because I really want to figure out the configuration first and how we can best use the space we have.

The kiddo’s airplane room already has the built ins my Dad and I made:

blue red yellow boy room

But my plan from day one was always to put a window seat in between them. Now that the rocking chair is gone (sniff), we are ready to do it! I have a plan of action, now I just need to take…action.

I’ve told  you about my plans for the loft/playroom/now craft room:

blue green craft room

That window wall will get a ton of storage with a window seat in between.

Let’s just hope I can pull at least one of these off this year. It would be a feat, considering it took us eight months to do the dining room set. :)

4. Basement toy organization

I oh so want to get the bathroom done down there, but this may have to come first. I showed you our stylish plastic toy shelving down there:

(This pic was before baseboards or carpet.)

It looks so cute and tidy in that picture, but that was before we moved the rest of the toys down here. Yes, the boy has a lot of toys, and those little bins are not cutting it. It’s always a mess down there because he doesn’t have a spot for everything. The constant toy mess is starting to make me twitch, so I have been dreaming up a plan. It’s going to take a TON of work though, and it needs to happen soon. Cause Mama is losin’ it.

5. Figure out a new bed in the master bedroom.

I hinted at this last week, but I’m really considering losing the four poster bed:  dark four poster bed

Thing is, our bedroom is HUGE, but this bed makes it feel so full. It takes up so much visual space, I just need a change. And it’s so high off the ground too – I use a step stool to get up in bed, for real. (And I’m tall.)

I’ve made a few upholstered headboards in my day (even preblogging), so that’s not an problem for me. I’m trying to figure out how to reuse parts of this bed perhaps.

And I’m also torn on a new paint color – I can’t decide between a light, dreamy space like this:

white walls bedroom

(Love that headboard!)

Or a deep, moody one like this:

dark blue green walls (source)

That wall color is called Narragansett Green (from Benjamin Moore). I already got a sample because I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Our walls are dark(ish) now, so it wouldn’t be a big change as far as that is concerned. And I like a dark bedroom, it feels cozy to me.

I don’t know we’ll have to see. Which one is your favorite?

So that’s the list I’d like to attempt to complete this year. This is of course along with a verrrry long list of other things, but these are big ones for me. I really want to get them off my list. You know, just so I can cross them off. ;)

Do you have plans for your home this year? Anything you are determined to get done in 2013?