Hey hey all! I’m back today with a little progress in the mud room. I am SO excited – I love when things come together the way they look in my head. :)

Because this space used to be a laundry/mud room combo, and it drove me absolutely mad, and was always a disaster:  pit of despair

We had outlets in that little nook where the washer and dryer were. I kept them when I added the DIY bench and the beadboard. I’m not sure what we’ll ever use them for, but I’m not one to ever cover up an outlet: DIY mud room bench

You never know when you might want them!

So because the two outlets were perfectly spaced on the wall I got an idea a few months back, and it finally came to fruition:

barn lights

Sconces baby! Yeah!

Our electrician friend has been crazy busy so I figured I would do it when he was available. He was free a few days ago so for $150 I had these installed in a couple hours!

Did you know if you have an outlet, you can add a sconce above it? You just need to tie into the electrical and add a switch – no biggie. ;) Actually, it doesn’t seem that hard, so I’m determined to figure out how to do this on my own. I have so many spots in the house I’d like to add some wall lighting.

I am so thrilled with how they look! Ack, I just love them:

mud room beadboard

I was so happy I celebrated by painting the door trim in the room! Everything still needs one more coat of glossy white, but I’m just happy to not have the bare wood staring at me every day.

The galvanized barn lights were from Lowe’s:

galvanized barn lights

They don’t match the hardware in there exactly, but I’m not worried about it. It’s the same lighter tone. It is SO nice to have added light in here: The main light in the room is a fluorescent light, and while it is very bright, it’s so dang ugly. :) I’m thinking of replacing it so it will be nice to have another light source.

I just think they are adorable:

bench made of kitchen cabinets

That little mark on the wall above the pillows needs to be touched up – that was where he was going to put the light switch but our old dryer vent was there, so it’s on the right instead.

It’s coming together! This room has undergone a HUGE transition and it’s functioning so well for us. I’m so grateful we were able to move the washer and dryer to the basement.

Our cats LOVE that bench cushion, by the way. One of them is laying on it every time we walk in the door:

DIY mud room bench

Even our elusive Maine Coon came out for photos. ;) He doesn’t show up here on the blog often.

I’m getting closer to the end of the DIY list for this room…a little more painting, touch ups, the storage on the wall above the bench, crown molding…and then some fun final touches like art and a few accessories. Can’t wait!!

Have you added sconces anywhere in your home? I’ve used plug in versions a few times in our house – in our master, the basement and two in the Bub’s room. Love the look of them!