Hey there – sorry for the late post again today. Our break is still lingering in the form of lots of snow and frigid temps so we had a delay this morning. I will miss the relaxing weeks of the holidays but I’m kind of ready to get back to a schedule!

Today we’re going to dream and drool over some beautiful photos. I’ve shared the HGTV dream home before and honestly wasn’t that excited about it – but this one. THIS ONE is gorgeous. Holy cats, it’s just so well done. There’s not much I don’t like about it so I had to share.

It’s a Cape Cod house and I love this style:

cape cod hgtv home

The inside is so fresh and pretty – and the style is just what I would expect from the exterior:

hgtv home 2015

Beadboard EVERYWHERE! And it works here. I still don’t think I could do all white walls but it really is a lovely backdrop:

beadboard walls with trim

Love the sconces throughout too. I want sconces everywhere.

I like how they broke up the beadboard with trim – it makes it look even more expensive:

hgtv dream home cape cod

They really did use it everywhere…but I love the dark backs on the built ins:

gray back on bookcases

Using a contrasting color on the backs of bookshelves or built ins really makes everything else pop! Love the simple accessorizing too. Makes me want to take half the stuff off my shelves. :)

You can see here how the paneling really does go all over. The beams are gorgeous, yes? I was surprised to see that the dining area really isn’t that big – the size comes from the ceilings. When I watched on TV it looked like there wasn’t much walking space behind the chairs. This is what I think we’ll see more of – less formal dining rooms and more dining spaces incorporated into the rest of the living areas:

paneled ceiling wood beams

The kitchen isn’t massive either – I mean, it’s not tiny for sure but not crazy big. It is a lovely room!:


Of course, the butcher block island is my favorite part. :) Love this view:

butcher block island

The skylight helps to keep things open and bright in there too.

I wasn’t as crazy about the bedrooms – but I am nuts about that master light fixture:

hgtv dream home

I like the wall color but think this room would look even more amazing with a lighter, more neutral tone. I mean, it’s stunning, come on. But the color is throwing me a bit.

I love the use of that color on the ceiling in the bathroom though:

painted aqua ceiling

Seriously, it’s huge! Party in the potty anyone? If I win you’re all invited. ;)

More beadboard throughout this space:

free standing tubIt really is a gorgeous home. I think this may be my favorite one they’ve done yet! The architecture is stunning and really the best part of this house I think. (You can see more of the house here.) Did you watch the show to see the whole space? It’s fun to dream right??