Today’s topic – toilets. Get excited.

Well, just the handles on toilets. I could do a whole post just on toilets really – the best height, soft close seats (oh yes) -- but that’s not for today. (Don’t be sad!)

Today, it’s a little thing, the theme of the week. :)

Soon after I shared how I’m planking the walls in the powder room, we got the toilet reinstalled:

decorative toilet handles

I was so excited about having a potty for the first time in weeks, I put a picture on Instagram. Yes. I did. (I was kind of in love with the dark floors with the white -- lovely!)

But most people didn’t really care about my toilet (how??) – they were more interested in our handle:

x-shaped toilet handle

I love my toilet handle. I do.

I found it years ago (I’m thinking five years now, maybe more?) at Lowe’s. It was on clearance at the time, I think about $12.

It is so easy to change it out! I remember I put it off for a while because I thought it was going to be so involved and it’s not.

You just take the lid off your tank, then unscrew the handle that’s there from behind:

installing a toilet handle

Then screw the new one in, and reattach the chain at the end of the lever. I swear it’s not hard!

I don’t think they still have the this X design, but I haven’t checked in a while. I would love another one for the basement!

I got this version in oil rubbed bronze for the master bedroom that day:

decorative toilet handles

Here’s a closer look at a handle as it would look outside the tank:

decorative toilet handles

I liked this one too – it looks like a door handle!:

decorative toilet handles

Of course, these are a splurge. I was lucky that I found mine on clearance, but the basic ones are around $15. Not a necessity, but it’s a little bling for the bathroom and it’s fun!

They are definitely more substantial than the plastic handles that come with the toilet. Problem is, sometimes people don’t always know how to use the one we have in the powder room. ;) I had to show the hubs and the kiddo which way to turn it when we first got it.

(All versions above are from Lowe’s.)

Of course, you could also put a fish on the toilet:

decorative toilet handles

Hilarious!! There are a ton of fun options over at this site. :)

So there you go…my toilet bling. It’s another little thing that adds a little character and interest to our house.

Now it’s time to see the little things that you love in your home! As always, if you’d like to be considered for a recap post, link back to TDC in your post. (I don’t have a button for this one.)

I’m excited to see what you share! Have fun!