Every once and awhile I like to take a break from DIY and decor talk – to just chat about other life stuff. I love hearing your stories and I’ve thought about this kind of post for a while. Mostly because I just want to hear your experiences. :)

I was reminded of this topic yesterday. Does randomly “freaky” stuff happen that weirds you out a little bit? All my life I’ve had stuff like that happen. When I was younger I would experience that déjà vu feeling ALL the time. You know, that feeling like you’ve done whatever you’re doing before? It would happen about once a week, even into my 20’s. When my mind was young and free I guess. ;)

Paula Becker

(Paula Becker)

I’ve always been fascinated by those kind of experiences since then. Stuff like that doesn’t happen as much as it used to, but it still freaks me out when it does. Yesterday was a mild one – I go to Zumba classes four to five times a week and the instructor is now a friend of mine. I’ve been attending for nearly two years and in all that time I can’t remember ONE time she’s canceled class for being sick.

Wednesday, about three hours before class, for some reason I had this strong feeling she was going to cancel class because of the flu. This woman is NEVER ill, and if she is, she powers through, so I don’t know why I would think that. Class happened that night so I forgot about it.

But yesterday…at the same time of day I thought she was going to cancel for being sick the day before, she canceled because she was sick…with the flu. She NEVER does this. Ever. Why would I even have thought that?


Or perhaps just a coincidence? Most likely.

All I know is it weirded me out.

I visit a local shredding company a few times a year and had an odd experience there recently. I used to shred our junk mail and papers at home but it got out of control, so now I take anything personal to be shredded every four months or so – the $10 is totally worth it. So anyway the same office manager has been there for the few years or so I’ve been going – even though I only stop in three or four times a year, she’s there every time.

Two times ago I went in and she was out of the office, which I thought was weird because she’s always there. The next trip a few months later, I walk in and she was in the back and called out to me that she’d be right up. And the thought just hit me – I bet she’s pregnant and last time she was out because she had morning sickness.

And then she walks out with a very (cute) pregnant belly and I think she was probably wondering why I was staring at it like an idiot. That one really freaked me out.

I had one scary experience when I was nine years old. We lived out in the boonies and I was at a friend’s house. It was about this time of year, about February, and it was snowing like crazy. My friend’s parents got a call that their older son had been in a car accident. The dad left to head to the hospital while the mom stayed back with me, my friend and her other siblings.

All the sudden I felt this horrible sense of dread, and told my friend my mother had been in an accident too. I remember feeling so heavy and sad and knew with all of me that she had been in an accident. It was terrifying. I was only nine but I knew better than to burden her mother with my fears – she was dealing with enough as it was at that moment.

The time for my mom to pick me up came and went and the feeling got worse and worse. (Of course there were no cell phones then.) I knew without a doubt something had happened and I remember crying at one point because there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Thing is, my mother was pregnant with my sister at the time, due just two months later.

It was almost two hours later when my mom finally arrived – and she had been in an accident (a man in a truck had plowed into her). The other driver was seriously hurt, she walked away with a tiny cut on her chin. I will never forget that as long as I live. I knew with all of me that something had happened.

I wonder to this day if it was a sense I had about my mom or a connection with my sister who was born a couple months later. Most freaky stuff I can pass off as coincidence – that one sticks with me because I know it wasn’t.

So do you ever experience things like this? These stories fascinate me.

Do you think it’s intuition or just coincidence? Or something MORE? :) Do your young children ever have a sense about things?