outdoor fall decor

Hey hey! It’s Thursday and I’m happy! I’ve always loved Thursdays. It’s the almost-weekend. LIKE.

Today we’re closing up our fall linky parties over at Rhoda’s outdoor fall decor shindig – whoot! It’s supposed to be warm again today and tomorrow but I’m sitting in my office with a blanket on so I don’t quite believe it. Or I just refuse to believe it. :) So bring on the fall outdoor ideas!

Last year I shared our patio dressed up for the season:


So this year I’m heading back out front. If you’ve been around a while you’ve seen my plan before – when I find something that works I do it again and and again and basically run it into the ground. :)

This year is no exception. I like sharing this though because I know I’m not the only one with a teeny tiny porch. And even a teeny tiny porch can look big and mighty this time of year.

I start with a couple corn stalks – and apparently we’ve grown them big in Indiana this year:

corn stalks for fall

These were each over 12 feet tall so I cut them down with my saw. I secure them next to the door with some cup hooks and hidden twine:

corn stalks on porch

I changed out my yellow mums for these orange ones – I think these look better with the pumpkin wreath and door. The yellow mums will go back to the patio.

I got that big wide sisal rug from Target this spring and LOVE it. It’s hard to find one that wide:

fall front porch

See? Itty bitty porch and still festive. Yes I dream about a big wide porch with a swing, but it ain’t happening. So I embrace mine and make it work. :)

We have a big rock in our landscaping out front and I like to decorate around it for the fall. I pile pumpkins, kale, mums, whatever I can find around it:

pumpkins and kale

I just leave them in their containers and hide the plastic with the pumpkins. Love how it looks!

This year I also planted some sub-zero pansies – I don’t usually plant anything out front but these have a guarantee that they’ll make it through the winter and will then bloom again in the spring:

outdoor fall decorating

I think I’m going back to get more to go all the way around the landscaping out front. (I only got enough to go around the rock.) I LOVE the colors – lots of different purples, reds and yellows. So pretty. :) Anyone ever planted these?

This is not my thriftiest decorating – the kale and pumpkins aren’t cheap but I just love them. And they always last well past Thanksgiving. Last year my kale was absolutely beautiful in the snow. It wasn’t until about February that they finally dried up.

I took down our window boxes (they were falling apart) earlier this year and still hope to get some new ones up before the holidays:fall front porch decor

Weird timing maybe but I do love filling them with greenery at Christmas.

Now that the fall decor is up we’ll be pulling out the big spider, orange lights and blow up pumpkin for out front this weekend. :) Can’t wait to see your door and outdoor decor over at Rhoda’s today. Have a great almost-weekend!