Hello my friends! Welcome to FriYAY, so happy it is here!

I have a super quick and easy Valentine’s Day craft for you today. These are little but make a big statement when grouped all together. I would have shared this earlier in the week but just found it myself a couple days ago. :)

I saw this idea here and there is a printable there that I will refer you to that makes this incredibly easy to bust out. I just printed that out on some red cardstock I had, cut them out and then made them “puffy”:


I did this slightly differently than in the directions – I thought it was a little difficult to puff them up the way she did (probably my thick paper) so I just folded one side of the heart over the other just a bit to make it three dimensional and then glued:


I hung them with some tape on the back and most of them have stayed up! The guy in this picture has realized he can knock them off so that’s been a fun game for him and not for me:


As you can see, I spread them out all over the chalkboard in the kitchen. I love the red against the black! (And yes, I have almost painted those plates numerous times but then realized I’m still going to have white switches so I still haven’t done it just yet.)

It took about thirty minutes to cut them all out (I did about a page and a half of hearts) and get them hung. You could make them today and surprise the kids when they get home! Or just do it for you cause it’s CUTE!

Have a GREAT weekend my friends, take care!