Hello there and welcome to the WEEKEND everybody! Anything fun going on? I’m back with another post where I show off an awesome and talented blogger so you can waste half of your day getting caught up in their site. Well, your boss or kids may think you’re wasting your time, but really…it’s for the greater good. Of you.

Anyway, this weekend I’m sharing the uber talented Sandra from Sawdust Girl. She is one who knows her way around tools and rocks the projects she does with them. I seriously bow down to her knowledge. I feel like an itty bitty baby compared to her with my jigsaw and nail gun. She inspires me to try to do more!

Let’s take a look at what she’s done, shall we? She recently moved to a new city so we’ll check out her last house first. I think her beautiful staircase project is what first brought me to her blog years ago:

wainscoting on wall

She added all the trimwork there and in the hallways and then the created the gallery walls – gorgeous right? Love the colors, and you know how I feel about the trim. No words needed.

Her basement in that house had a few projects I loved, including a closet-turned-playhouse:

Indoor playhouse

The roof even opened up for more storage – how stinkin’ fun is that?

I drooled over her craft room, especially the huge craft island with all that storage!:

Huge craft table with storage

I. die. It’s huge! And she made it. Not with some melamine bookcases like mine, I mean, made it. ;)

Sandra is slowly but surely working through their new house and the results are fantastic.

Her library built ins (and the planked ceiling!) are amazing!:

library bookcases

Told you, the girl is good. But I saved the best for last.

You may have seen her stunner of a closet on Pinterest cause it rocks everybody’s world. This is how it started out: 


And this is what she did with it:

master closet built ins

I know. Pick your jaws up off the floor. Have you SEEN a more fabulous closet? (Said in Chandler Bing voice.) Unreal. I don’t think I have enough clothes to even fill it, but that would be fine. I would just move my bed in there and live there. (Here’s the link for more.)

Did I mention she did that? By herself? Yeah.

The best part is she is sharing her knowledge and helping others take on awesome projects like this too. It’s fun to follow along to see how their projects come together. One of my recent favorites is the wall of built ins in this playroom:

built in window seat That’s my favorite part – that Sandra is showing that yes, YOU too can do it, with the right information and guidance.

So there you go, another blog to stalk! You’re welcome. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!